The « Warsaw ghetto » plan for refugees

In December, a lawmaker in the AfD faction of Baden-Württemberg revealed that the party had drafted working papers to imprison all refugees and asylum seekers within Germany in what she described as a « Warsaw ghetto » plan, which would then deport individuals back to their hostile nations of origin. The mass deportation scheme stands in stark violation of federal German laws and signed U.N. international treaties. The leaked AfD working papers also called for the suspension of numerous articles to the German constitution.

Claudia Martin, the German lawmaker who left the AfD but retains her seat in local parliament in defiance of the far-right party, originally disclosed the refugee plan to German media back in mid-December of 2016. Martin explicitly compared the draft legislation to Hitler’s Madagascar Plan from 1940 after the fall of France, which was quickly discarded to implement the Holocaust in early 1942.

Also this year, local Thüringen AfD party leader Björn Höcke spurred outrage after claiming at a public rally in Dresden, « The big problem is that Hitler is presented as an absolutely evil figure… but of course we know that it wasn’t as black and white as history portrays. »

via Rising Far-Right German Party Wants to Teach Children Revisionist Holocaust History | Alternet


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